Why iSting Media?

Creating a distinctive image, obtaining and maintaining a strong position and prestige and dealing with high competition – all require strength, properly chosen tactics and determination.

There is a competitor in each sector. They all have different strategies, they all fight for better positions in the market and use various effective tools in order to achieve and manage their success.

What to do to get the required effect? How do you create the desire, trust, reputation, position and dominance over the competition?

We are a group of professionals from various fields of the media, who have gained experience in the Polish and British markets. By complementing each other, we have created an interdisciplinary team that moves smoothly and easily reaches goals in the world of the media.

What we do?


    The surrounding reality determines all the actions that are taken to analyze the environment in order to carry out any campaign that aims to influence clearly defined target audience in the best possible way.


    Careful and accurate selection of primary and secondary media allows you to place any campaign in time and determine the intensity of your actions that are based on precisely defined budget.


    Openness to every possible form of media activity is our distinctive feature. We can adapt the media to the campaign in a way to ensure the achievement of our goals.


    We can increase popularity by using appropriate communication techniques, a well-developed network of media contacts and carefully planned communication strategies.


    A constructive and creative process requires one to rise above the tangible elements of a coherent campaign and strive for a series of tactical moves in a stunning form that will add the character, quality and strength to the campaign.